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Amazing, big, portable (and cheap!) whiteboards

posted in Office on 2014-02-18 20:34:05 UTC by Dave Martorana, Parker Whitney

Every business needs whiteboards - large whiteboards. Some go for fancy frosted-glass whiteboards that are absolutely amazing, but require complicated mounting, very careful moving, and a bunch of money ($500-$700 and up).

Even large-sized wood whiteboards are incredibly expensive. We wanted whiteboard space at least 3′ x 5′, and we wanted several of them. The prices were in the $250-700 range, and were flimsy whiteboards requiring wall mounting to have any real sturdiness or stability.

So we got creative, and have some sweet whiteboards to show for it.

We decided we wanted them to be portable (we work at Philly Game Forge and our desk situation is constantly evolving), large, and most importantly, resiliant and self-supporting. I knew you could buy whiteboard paint, and started there. Friends of ours painted whole walls in IdeaPaint, awesome stuff that can cost north of $150 per GALLON.

Then we found this great company - Magic Murals - that sells custom-sized white-board roll-on material that is thick and beautiful. The price was right, so all we needed was something to make in to a whiteboard.

We headed to Home Depot and bought ourselves a couple of doors. 32″ x 80″ was a nice size, and two of them side-by-side would be brilliant. These doors do not come with pre-drilled door knob holes, so they’re perfect. Light (16 lbs), strong and tall, they can simply be leaned against a wall - no mounting needed.

Next we special-ordered the white-board material from Magic Murals. We bought it oversized, of course - 7′ x 3′ (or 84″ x 36″) so when we applied the material we would have overhang we could trim later. Each cut cost us $85. Each door cost $26. So far we’re in for $111.

A quick sanding of the door surface (and some wiping clean with a damp cloth), and the door was ready for application. We laid out the material, and peeled off the back, using eraser-blocks to smooth the material on to the doors.


After it was all applied, we let the glue cure to the door, and then using a utility knife, made quick work of trimming the material to the door size.


That was it! Now we have two large (7.5′ x 2.5′) white boards that cost $111 each, that we can use in a variety of ways. Want a huge surface? Put them next to each other. Multiple meetings? Split them up and move them to different locations. You can flip the boards to make use of the whole vertical space. You could even mount a rail on the wall, and lift the whiteboards in to place in a conference room. It’s the flexibility of use that makes them amazing.

Most importantly, if as we put these through their paces, we really really love them, we’ll order more material and apply it to the back side of the doors, thus making the whiteboards dual-sided as well.

We couldn’t be happier. We’ll post an update in a few weeks to let you know how they’re standing up.